Anxiety & Technology

Captain Chris Marques

In today’s technological world, gaining information and communicating should be so very simple and not cause anxiety. However, is there a correlation between technology and the anxiety that you may be feeling? This workshop will provide you will some helpful information about the affects technology has on your anxiety and ways to see the signs of how it is affecting you.

Anxiety & Youth Ministry

Karen Hurula

(Corps Officers & Leader’s Only)

This workshop for leaders will be a follow-up from our Youth Leader’s Brunch where Karen shared the effects of anxiety on our youth and how leaders can minister to their youth to encourage peace.

Biblical Peacemaking

Lindsey Bailey

As we experience inner peace we are called to find ways of sharing that and extending that towards others. This workshop will expose you to various local, national and global issue areas where the need for peace is still great. You will begin the process of discovering what areas God is calling you and the church to make his shalom a reality in.

The Call

Major Cyndi Shiels

What does it mean to have a “calling” or to be “called by God”? Does He call everyone? What does God call us to? Join this discussion on how God calls and what it means to follow Him.

ConnectUp Prayer

Katie Luse & ConnectUp

ConnectUp is a personal prayer ministry that is focused on strengthening people's connection with God. Come learn about how to hear God's voice and how to connect with God in a personal way. You are made to encounter the love of God for yourself, and can learn how to help others to do the same through healing prayer. Learn more about ConnectUp at their website,


Stephen Jordan

Stephen Jordan is an absolute pro at making things with his hands, and he can teach you how to do that as well in this workshop! Last year their workshop made the now infamous Adirondack chair. How cool is that?

Fitting In

Peggy McGee

(Jr. High Students Only)

Transitioning from elementary to junior high can be difficult for any student… new classes, buildings, teachers, classmates, and more. How do students deal with the anxiety of all the “newness” and how do they learn to “fit in” at a new school? This session will help students “fit in” by living out who God has created them to be.

Life After High School


(Juniors & Seniors Only)

Everyone is trying to get you to decide what you want to “be when you grow up”. The list of options is long and plentiful. But where to begin? This workshop will encourage students to take a step back and understand that it is okay to not know “what’s next”. Students will receive ideas and resources of where to begin.


Zac Smith

Have you ever returned from a walk outside and thought, “That felt good!” When is the last time you experienced God’s handiwork without distractions? We live in a busy world and stress levels are on the rise due to all the multi-tasking we are doing. Wouldn’t it be great if we, only for a short time, could take a hike through nature, play in leaves, climb a tree or something similar? Spending time in nature is key is stress reduction, so come take a hike with us in the Hiking Workshop!

Life After Death (A Discussion on Grief)

Eric Himes

Loss is never easy and dealing with grief is hard. Grief can impact our lives and increase our anxiety. Explore the importance of working through grief and loss, and ways of working through grief and loss to ease your anxiety.


Captain Kirsten Kocyan

Anxiety can steal our thoughts and our energy. Captain Kirsten will show how meditation on the Word will help you re-establish your foundation on God’s strength and help refresh your spirit.

Ministry Through Gaming

Julio Romero

Is it possible to bridge the gap between video games and faith, or do you think the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other? Just like sports, music, or arts, the video game scene is totally a place for you to live out your faith. In this workshop, we'll explore how to bring the message of Jesus’ love, hope, and acceptance into the culture of video games.

Music Production 101

Zane Koehler

Enzane Management & Productions wants to invest into the gift that God has given you. We want to create opportunities and grow your career so you can reach your full potential. We may even record you and your voice to share with others. That’s why we’re here. We want to DISCOVER YOU.

Seeking Peace for Book-Lovers

Tabitha Anderson

Reading can be comforting and insightful during difficult times and re-reading beloved stories can conjure nostalgic feelings of peace and happiness. In the Bible, Jesus uses stories to teach people about the Kingdom of God. This session will be a discussion about books, anxiety, Jesus, and seeking the peace of God. Also, we’ll spend some time reading during the workshop, so bring your current read to Camp!

Understanding your Anxiety

Captain Chrissie Coreano

Learn how anxiety affects your physical and emotional system. Chrissie will share with teens the truth about anxiety and what it can do to the human body – how it impacts your muscles, nervous system, psychological system, and emotions.

Visual Arts 1

Pierce Cruz

Explore how one can creatively reduce their anxieties through big and small ways. Every student will receive sketchbook which would serve as their own creative diary which can give them each an outlet for any worries. On a bigger scale the group will (weather permitting) will use spray paint to create a large painting to display how any form of creativity is enough for them to let out any worries of life.

Visual Arts 2

Amy Anderson

The Church is full of creative and artistic people who have a great eye for design and decoration. However, the Church can often feel uncreative, uncolorful, and lacking in art. How can you bridge your skills, passion, and love for visual arts with the Church? How can you encourage your corps to be more creative and artistic? In this class we will discuss how you can use your passion for art and design to encourage the Church and spread the Gospel.


Jennifer Roddick-Small

Yes, that’s right. Yoga is known as any method or discipline prescribed, especially a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind. Learn how the art of stretching and breathing can help to relieve the build-up of anxiety and get you back on the right track.